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  •  Policy development

  •  Strategic planning

  •  Longitudinal data system building and use

  •  Program evaluation

  •  Primary research

  •  Secondary data analysis 

  •  Training and technical assistance in using data

Content areas 

We often work in the transition spaces to help program and policy leaders strengthen practice for children and youth transitioning into elementary, middle, or high school; or into college and the workforce.  Our team has worked in the following content areas:

  • Early childhood and learning

  • Kindergarten entry assessments (KEA)

  • College and career readiness

  • Early warning systems and success indicators

  • Postsecondary and workforce outcomes

  • Middle school mathematics

  • Embedding technology into classroom instructional practices

  • Strengthening teacher and leader data use

  • English learners 

  • Career and technical education





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